Consultative Telemarketing

Consultative Telemarketing can best be described as:

"An unscripted communication between two intelligent individuals, discussing a complex proposition, that aims to build a working relationship".

Only a small number of individuals can rightly claim to use Consultative Telemarketing.  I'm told by my clients and peers that I'm the No.1 in the business.

I offer you 25 years of industry experience. I have run SME's and I know what it's like to sit in the driving seat, as an Executive Director of a company.

Consultative Telemarketing requires many sales skills. It requires an understanding of how to communicate at all levels - from Gatekeeper to the CEO.

The vast majority of my clients are perfectly able to close sales, once they are in front of the right client. 

Conversely, few of my clients have the time or the skills regarding 
lead generation, to find those prospective customers in the first place.

I have a track record of success in certain sectors and niches. Yet my business development
formula can be applied to just about any complex sale. In fact, the more complex the sale, the better I perform at Consultative Telemarketing.

Why should you use Consultative Telemarketing?

Consultative Telemarketing - the Key Differences

◊ Access to the best data (in my case circa 3 million organisations) to pinpoint the best people to talk to. Then building a target list of those most likely to buy.

◊ Ability to win over a Receptionist, a PA, a colleague and of course a Buyer.

◊ Knowing how to start, build and maintain a working relationship with prospective buyers.

◊ Understanding the difference between "assertion" and "aggression".

◊ Comprehending the difference between "perseverance" and "annoyance".

◊ Commitment to detail and planning - boxing clever instead of just hitting the numbers

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