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I will do my best to explain why freelance telemarketing is still the best way to gain new business.


Making sales is a mission-critical operation for all profit-based organisations.


One of the key issues faced by all CEOs, MDs and Sales Directors is “What form of Lead Generation will create sales for our business?”


With the advent of the internet at the tail end of the 20th Century, the routes to market appear to have increased dramatically. We have pay-per-click, advertising, exhibitions, social media, and so on.


There are so many routes to market. The right method of sales lead generation often becomes confusing.  I will guide you, as to the best route to market.

Of all the methods of lead generation, there are only 3 real choices when we are discussing personal human interaction - Telemarketing, Exhibitions or Social Media


All other routes to market are impersonal and at arms length.Exhibitions are passive in that they rely on prospective customers visiting your stand. Social Media Marketing interacts but is not a direct selling

Therefore the only pro-active method of approaching prospects on a personal and
interactive basis is by telephone.

Why you should use Freelance Telemarketing

Freelance Telemarketing                        - the Key Differences between              Freelance & Agency

The key differences between Freelance Telemarketing and using a telemarketing agency are price and performance.

When you choose a Freelance Telemarketing Expert, you gain all the skills and experience of a top quality agency, but you are not paying for all the expensive overheads.

Working remotely, my Freelance Telemarketing services can bring you the results you require at a much more affordable rate.




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