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I offer "Targeted & Focused" lead generation for the most cost-effective ROI.

You must always remember:
" That lead generation is about making the most sales not the most calls."

The "Scattergun" approach will cost you more per sale.

One of the most common marketing mistakes is:
"To forget that quality is more
important than quantity."

If one begins with the right data then one is far more likely to improve the call-to-sale ratio.

Your aim should be:
"Less calls and more sales"

The best Lead Generation process via telemarketing, will provide you with enough
interested prospects to:

a) Sell to in the short term
b) Sell to in the medium/long term

Every business begins this process by communicating with "known" people such as family, friends and previous employers.

Yet at some point, this list will come to an end sooner or later.

At that point, a business may cease to exist.

Best Lead Generation and why you need it

SME Lead Generation

Few SMEs can afford to waste resources. I have been approached countless times by SME Directors with the same story:

"I've just wasted £1000s in a badly constructed marketing campaign".

It's a common mistake for non-marketing people to confuse business development with creative marketing.

Would you trust a doctor who had only read books but never practised in real life? Many people assume that "textbook" marketing has something to do with real life. 

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